Midsommar: Anthony Akinbola, Alteronce Gumby, Tariku Shiferaw

8 June - 4 August 2024
With the exhibition Midsommar, Bode celebrates the work of three artists, Anthony Akinbola, Alteronce Gumby and Tariku Shiferaw, throughout a very special time in summer. 
The Midsummer celebrations are known as the summer solstice festivities. In the Scandinavian countries and the North in general, where the nights hardly get bright at this time of year ("white nights"). The sun does not set for several weeks in some places, and the mystical time of the midnight sun begins. Originally, Midsummer was a tribute to the god of thunder, a pagan festival. Various customs have a long tradition to celebrate the light, the summer and the warmth. The further north you go, the more intensely you can see the midnight sun. But even further south, it never really gets dark in summer. The sun takes on a reddish-yellow color at night - almost like sunrises or sunsets - and everything around is bathed in an unimaginably warm brightness and light. The artists' unique constellations of colors are united in their works at the magical time of Midsommar.