Feature: Artsy x Bode Projects

Artsy, October 6, 2022

Artsy Gallery Spotlight: Bode Projects


We are pleased to share that Bode Projects is featured in this month's Artsy Gallery Spotlight where our founder and Gallery Director, Lars Bode, share his insights of applying the tools available within Artsy to reach new publics and collectors to support international emerging artists.

"Lars Bode founded Bode Projects in 2017 when he realized something critical was missing from the German art scene: “We needed a platform to exhibit underrepresented artists,” he said in a recent interview with Artsy. But, like many young galleries, Bode Projects found it challenging to connect with quality collectors early on—so the gallery decided to join Artsy. In just over four years, Bode’s collector base and influence have expanded both online and offline. The gallery moved from a small studio in Hamburg to a large exhibition space in Berlin in September 2020, and last year, the gallery doubled its revenue on Artsy."