VEZA 2.0 x Luis E. López-Chávez

March 30, 2022

31 MARCH — 10 APRIL 2022

VEZA 2.0 


We are happy to announce our participation in the second edition of SOUTH SOUTH VEZA with the collaboration of Cuban Artist Luis Enrique López-Chávez. He is a contemporary Cuban artist exploring the visual dimensions of sculptural form and logical space through video, painting, installation, among other media. His artwork addresses themes such as space, emptiness, and different notions of death.


This year’s VEZA is focused on new media incorporating film, video and digital works by artists from the global south and its diaspora. The event is powered by Niio and for the first time leading contemporary galleries are coming together to harness the power of blockchain technology to support the sales of new media.


The fund is supported by SOUTH SOUTH and Niio

Click here to visit the SOUTH SOUTH platform to view the gallery showcase and the curated program.