Exhibition: In My Feels

August 10, 2020

In my feels, Solo exhibition by Banele Khoza, Bkhz, Johannesburg, 8 August - 2 September 2020


"For more than half of 2020, many people across the world were forced to be alone by state order. A virulent disease was abroad, crossing borders, killing thousands. We had to shield. For those who live alone, this meant no friends, no family and certainly, no lovers.


Imagine then, this aloneness as an internal, ongoing state of being. Where the people we love are just close enough and perpetually out of reach at the same time. We have them only for a time. We cannot fully claim them. Sometimes, they do not wish to claim us. They are present in some ways but never all the way there. We are driven by the hope that those we desire will reciprocate in full measure."