Exhibition: Paper Borders

IPCNY, October 10, 2019

Paper Borders featuring Emma Nishimura and Tahir Carl Karmali, International Print Center New York, October 10–December 18, 2019:


"International Print Center New York is pleased to announce its first two-person exhibition, Paper Borders, which brings into dialogue the works of Emma Nishimura (b. 1982, Toronto) and Tahir Carl Karmali (b. 1987, Nairobi), artists who share a commitment to unearthing historical and ongoing stories of migration, trans-generational memory, and xenophobia. Using the tactility of print and handmade paper, the two- and three-dimensional works and large-scale installations on view speak to cross-cultural and deeply embedded global struggles. Here, the precarity of paper becomes a metaphor for the precarity of place."