7 Impressive Emerging Artists to Watch

Artnet, October 4, 2019

Article featuring Alteronce Gumby on Artnet, 4 October 2019:


"Walking through aisle after aisle during London’s Frieze Week, it’s easy for all the art to blur together. But for those paying close attention, there are plenty of discoveries to be made.


We scoured the major fairs underway in the UK capital this week, from Frieze London and Masters to 1-54 and beyond, to find exciting talents. You may not have heard of them yet—some are better known in their home countries and are just beginning to gain international renown—but you will know them soon enough.


We selected artists based on a mix of factors: they have gained some institutional traction, with inclusion in biennials or major exhibition; they have some high-profile buyers and supporters; their work is memorable and distinct; their prices still have room to grow; and they have that distinctly unquantifiable, ever-elusive distinction: buzz."