An Exchange of Art between Kampala and Nairobi

Widewalls, September 4, 2017

Feature on the exhibition Art Transposition at Lars Kristian Bode, Widewalls, 4 September 2017:


"Lars Kristian Bode presents in its upcoming exhibition ART TRANSPOSITION: Kampala – Nairobi – Hamburg the work by three artists from Uganda – Denis Mubiru, Waswad and Xenson, and two artists from Kenya – Boniface Maina and Shabu Mwangi. The exhibition will be curated by Robinah Nansubuga from Uganda. Being representatives of the young generation of East African artists, they all take part in an intensive artistic exchange between Kampala and Nairobi. Curatorial projects in these two cities brought the emerging artists together revealing the common features of their oeuvres."