Update: Chris Watts ranked under best booths at Frieze LA 2023

Maximilíano Durón / ART news, ART news, February 18, 2023


On a sunny but still chilly Thursday morning, Frieze Los Angeles opened its 2023 edition to VIPs at its new location, the Santa Monica Airport. Split between two sections (the larger of the two in a custom-built tent and the smaller in the airport’s Barker Hangar, with golf carts available to shuttle visitors between them), the preview day was well-attended with several of the fair’s blue-chip exhibitors reporting robust sales.

A lot of art was shown and their booths were ranked on artnews. One of the top booths goes to Chris Watts.


To create these ethereal abstractions, Chris Watts applies pigments to a polyester chiffon fabric that is later sealed with resin. While researching his Indigenous heritage, Watts recently traveled to Peru to learn more about the local Native cultures, and ended up sourcing from there the blue and pink pigments he used in these works. Watts’s research also allowed him to ponder what a cooperative relationship between Nyame (the supreme god of Ghana’s Akan people) and the Great Spirit of several Native American cultures might look like. That research lent the series its title: “The spirits that lend strength are invisible.”