19 October - 16 November 2018

LKB/G is pleased to present the group exhibition 1718. The exhibition provides an overview of the work of the gallery over the last 18 months. Since the first exhibition in May 2017, LKB/G has realized exhibitions with very different working artists. The gallery has focused on underrepresented positions, with a special focus on Africa and the Caribbean. The exhibition comprises works by nine artists and combines an insight into the work of young contemporary artists in South Africa, Cuba, Kenya, Brazil and the Ivory Coast: Gideon Appah, Tahir Carl Karmali, Armand Boua, Daniel Melim, Banele Khoza, Buhlebezwe Siwani, Thania Petersen, Miguel Machado, Orestes Hernandez. The artists work with very different media, ranging from photography and performance to installation and painting on canvas. In their works, they deal with relevant themes of our time. These include migration, social issues, colonial past as well as gender roles. With LKB/G, all artists have shown their works for the first time in Germany. The exhibition therefore serves as a further fundament for the sustainability and long-term visibility of these artists in the German art scene.