Interview: Daniel Melim - Pop art from the streets of São Paulo

Irene Broer, GUTELEUTEHAMBURG, Januar 26, 2018

Interview mit Daniel Melim von Irene Broer, GUTE LEUTE HAMBURG, 26. Januar 2018: 


"The walls of Lars Kristian Bode are covered with stencils, paintings, used templates and posters that would not look amiss on the streets of São Paulo. Pop art ladies in vibrant colours fill the room.


It’s the opening night of Rouge: Daniel Melim’s first-ever solo exhibition in Europe. One of Brazil’s most renowned street artists, Daniel seems like a quiet soul, as if he’d rather let his art speak for him. And it does: his Mural da Luz was chosen as the most iconic mural in São Paulo. As the first admirers trickle into the gallery, I find a moment to chat with Daniel — about women, AD/DC albums and street art."