art berlin: Banele Khoza: The boys I like - Talking about the girls they like

12 - 15 September 2019 

I hope this time it is love.


I have been hoping, dreaming and imagining that this one will hopefully like me this time around. A whole year spent being persuaded into a new friendship. They all have been caring, loving, and boyfriend-material (actually husband personalities). I wonder what draws them in to me. 


Case A: Is absolutely obsessed with the space, he visits every week. When I used to engage closely with him, he would come in on a daily. He blogs a lot about the space and watches me paint. Could he be the one? 


Case B: Used to exist in the space, like a fly and I did not know how to engage with him. He would sit and be quiet - watch everything around. Myself included. I used to have a thing for beards, I got over it when I dated someone who did not have a beard. This case he is a creative, a thinker, also could pass as a sociopath. Our first conversation, was 9 hours. We did not leave any stone unturned. My good bye was… "I wish you were my boyfriend."


Case C: He walked into the space and blew my socks off. He walked in politely and asked about set design. He did not really pay attention to my ideas and left. The following week he reintroduced himself. It was crazy - I couldn't have forgotten his face. I reminded him that I had met him the week prior. It was cute that he thought he did not make an impression. We went out for dinner - it stretched for 6 hours. He made me miss my last train - I did not care, I was finally with someone who cared as deep and liked dogs, wanted a family and wasn't more reserved than what his career entails. More than anything - I saw myself within him.


The series is inviting all the boys I have had crushes on, I will re-create my mental experiences with them into reality, they will serve as the vessel that was always present in my head while daydreaming about our future together- without them ever participating or contributing in it. With the aid of two photographers; Tatenda Chidora and Bernard Brand they will be capturing the reimagined fantasy and photographing it for my painting references.