Tomorrows/Today: Investec Cape Town Art Fair: Deborah Segun

17 - 19 February 2023 
We are pleased to announce our participation in the Tomorrows/Today section at Investec Cape Town Art Fair. The fair will run from 17 February - 19 February  2023. Bode will presentn a solo booth with artist Deborah Segun. You can visit us in booth TT1.
Deborah Segun (b. 1994, Nigeria) lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. She obtained a degree in Fashion Design at the Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing in Florence, Italy in 2017. Deborah Segun adopts a deconstructed, reductive, and almost Cubist approach to her paintings, incorporating fragmented and exaggerated shapes, faces, and forms that delineate the female figure in contemplation or repose. Segun’s work exaggerates the feminine silhouette and is perhaps as much a commentary on the representation of women in an art historical context and the omission of black women therein. More contemporary depictions of the African female form similarly adopt a deconstructed and vibrant view where the black female form is a site for complex socio-political meaning. Segun’s work, however, is – at least for the time-being – slightly more internalized.